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IFPS Flight Status Tool

There is implemented a new feature into the NAVsystem called „IFPS Flight Status“. This feature helps to our users to obtain current information about particular flight. The obtained information can contain flight status, taxi time, CDM data, actual / estimated time of arrival and also the last known position of the aircraft. There is also […]

Save fuel with NAVlink

NAV Flight Services recently launched new product line called NAVlink – providing FPL and wind uplinks to FMS via ACARS. Individual customization of service allows to fulfil needs of any operator with enabled AOC Datalink functions. From the very basic functionality all the way to advanced setup connected to multiple OCC systems, covering almost any […]

NAVsystem: new facilitation for flight crew

NAVsystem now allows to uplink flight plan directly into the FMS. NAVsystem was recently enhanced by addition of interface with datalink service providers – allowing to uplink FPL directly into avionics. Sending FPL into the FMS over ACARS significantly reduce flight crew workload in preflight phase and probability of erroneous entries. This approach is combining […]

Welcome to NAV Flight Services

We bring more than 25 years of professional services to flight planning.
Our portfolio of products and services includes:

IFR Flight planning system NAVsystem. Software for economical and safe flight planning with the calculation of optimal routes and fuel consumption, determined on the basis of saved performance data. When developing the software, we put emphasis on simplicity and intuitive control.

Educational and Training Center NAVacademy. We combine theory with practice and offer complete training for flight dispatchers and special courses put together upon individual request. Our training sessions are led by qualified professionals with many years of experience.

Our services include NAVjet supervising. We provide this service for international airports in the Czech Republic and for certain airports in Slovakia. Our services have been used since 1993 by important personalities such as Emperor Akihito of Japan and his wife Michiko, as well as Japanese premier Junichiro Koizumi. We were the exclusive supplier of these services to Collins Aerospace (formerly Rockwell Collins) for many years.

Our company holds the ISO9001 and NATO AQAP 2110 certificates.

NAV Flight Services
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Our mission and values

We supply products and services in flight planning with emphasis on quality and the satisfaction of our clients.

We save both their time and money, but also the environment – we know we have only one planet and we are not indifferent to its future. We support the professionalism of aviation dispatchers and train and educate those who want to become one.

Top service and flexibility
Comprehensive approach Reliability

We are proud of the quality and ability of our system and you can rely on it 100%, the same as our clients. They are our absolute priority and so we are available for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We are always ready to meet the individual needs of our clients and find the best solution for them in the shortest possible time.

Our history

NAV Flight Services was founded in 1992. In the beginning our focus was providing comprehensive flight services.

We then expanded this core activity to include a range of additional services – from overflight and landing permission to supervising. Since 1998, our main activity has focused on research and development in flight planning. The current solution of our system has been developed not only with regard to rules and regulations, but with particular emphasis on client satisfaction.

Lately, we have applied our years of experience in the field to our NAVacademy project.

NAV milestones

Our clients

NAV provides its products and services to all types of operators / private and business operators, commercial airlines, cargo airlines and military clients. We are proud of our cooperation with:

NAV Flight Services is an exclusive agent of Collins Aerospace (formerly Rockwell Collins).

We appreciate any feedback or
recommendations from our clients

With their approval, we publish some of them:

NAVsystem evaluation from DSA

„…In our view, the main benefits are the precise fuel consumption model and route optimization options.

On behalf of DSA, I can recommend all airline and general aviation operators to use the  NAV System..“

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Martin Hejra

Flight operations officer for DSA, Czech Republic

ABS Jets about NAVacademy:

“We really like your trainings. We see them as a big plus in that they save us a lot of time. … This way we can calmly focus on our work and be 100% sure that the training given to our new dispatchers will be exactly as we expect it…

… There are situations where new employees can at first feel a little disappointed about being sent away from our company right at the start, but as soon as they learn how the training is done at NAV, then they are happy that they would like it to go on even longer. The entire training at NAV is very positive and promotes the desire for more work…”

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Michal Šalanda

OCC Manager, ABS Jets, Czech Republic

Air Bohemia about NAVacademy:

After an intensive three-week training at NAVacademy, and in combination with my own intensive studies, I was able within a month after starting my career in aviation to work as a dispatcher for Air Bohemia and to handle situations connected to flight planning without any major complications.

Martin Novotný

Flight Dispatcher, Air Bohemia a.s., Czech Republic

„NAVsystem makes life on the flight deck bearable“

The system is easy to understand, nice to use and it is a veritable tool that helps to a great extent on fuel management. The Flight Planning system makes interfacing with Euro Control on long haul flights easy. The Air Traffic Control flight plan can be filed easily, Weather information can be accessed easily, and the Flight Dispatchers confirm that the graphics makes the tool very easy to understand and use. The pilots attest to the fact that it is a good planning tool and makes life on the flight deck in terms of work load bearable.

Adeyemi Adebayo

Dana Airlines Ltd, Nigeria