Welcome on board, Vueling!

08. 11. 23

S potěšením oznamujeme, že společnost Vueling Arlines nasadila produkt NAVlink na svou flotilu letadel rodiny A320.

Oficiální vyjádření společnosti Vueling Airlines zveřejňujeme v originálním znění:

„We are thrilled to announce that Vueling Airlines has deployed NAV Flight Services’ NAVlink Wind Updates on its fleet of A320 family aircraft. Preceding trials have demonstrated that the use of optimized in-flight wind data updates allows the Flight Management Computer to plan more efficient descent trajectory, reducing CO2 emissions and operational costs.

Vueling commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its aircraft and its sustainability initiatives are a key focus for the airline. In fact, the IAG group was the first airline group to commit to achieving net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

Among many others, Vueling has three main lines of action when it comes to minimizing the impact of climate change and supporting the sustainable development of the aviation industry. Fleet efficiency, route optimization and the use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) are the priorities of the company in the years to come.

“At Vueling we are always on the lookout for improvements to unlock our full potential as an airline. Our vision as a company includes finding solutions like the one provided by NAV, which greatly contributes to our sustainability goals. Our partnership with them is an extra step towards accomplishing our objectives, both in terms of operational efficiencies and CO2 emissions reduction”.

Toni Mora, Operations Strategy Manager at Vueling

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Welcome on board, vueling!