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Cockpit News

Cooperation with British Airways

It was absolute honour and privilege for NAV Flight Services to work with British Airways and partners to help optimise their recent „Perfect Flight“ demonstration. British Airways operated the BA1476 on 14th September 2021 from London Heathrow to Glasgow in the most efficient way possible, to demonstrate how the industry is moving towards a Perfect […]

IFPS Flight Status Tool

There is implemented a new feature into the NAVsystem called „IFPS Flight Status“. This feature helps to our users to obtain current information about particular flight. The obtained information can contain flight status, taxi time, CDM data, actual / estimated time of arrival and also the last known position of the aircraft. There is also […]

Save fuel with NAVlink

NAV Flight Services recently launched new product line called NAVlink – providing FPL and wind uplinks to FMS via ACARS. Individual customization of service allows to fulfil needs of any operator with enabled AOC Datalink functions. From the very basic functionality all the way to advanced setup connected to multiple OCC systems, covering almost any […]

What is NAVsystem?

NAVsystem is a software solution for flight planning and preparing flight briefings (PDF packages).
Our solution fits a wide range of operations, whether for scheduled carriers, charter airlines, cargo carriers, military and business jet operators.

An integral part of NAVsystem includes tools for route construction, calculating and compiling OFP, ATC FPL management and creating the PDF briefing.

NAVsystem consists of two main parts. The first part is a desktop application for dispatchers for Windows that allows you quick and easy flight planning.
The second part is a web briefing for creating and picking up flight briefing packs.

System can be set up in MacOS enviroment as well – using Parallels Desktop.

NAVsystem functions


Autorouter quickly finds a suitable route for your flight and makes a preliminary calculation of fuel, time and costs, including overflight charges.

It is possible to specify the conditions for your search by specifying points and parts of the route and it is also possible to disable points and parts of the route or FIR/UIR.
Eurocontrol RAD/CDR/DCT and CPLC restrictions are taken into consideration when searching for the route and the result is automatically validated by the Eurocontrol systems.

Autorouter uses an advanced algorithm to find the optimal route using the current forecasts of upper wind and temperature.
Together with the results of Autorouter, routes are also offered from a database of completed flights (more than 4 million routes) and also routes proposed by Eurocontrol.

You can easily search for a route with current NAT tracks, choose ETOPS/Adequate Enroute Alternate and create a route for RCF procedure. The finished route can be modified interactively directly on the map or manually edited in a field 15 of the FPL. Routes can be freely organized into folders and shared across the company.


Calculations necessary to compile OFP are based on a precise model of the performance characteristics of the particular aircraft.

The calculation of OFP supports ETOPS, SET-OPS, RCF, 3% ERA and planning for an isolated aerodrome.

It is supported by a number of different rules for determining the required fuel (final reserve, contingency, FMC minimum reserve, etc.)

You can easily plan the maximum possible payload and analyze the advantages of transporting fuel.

We adapt the layout of OFP to the requirements of the client and NAVsystem enables multiple templates for viewing OFP.

In the economic module, you can quickly compare the costs of different options, including flight costs for overflight charges.


The OPS board enables the clear view of scheduled flights and their status as a table or a timeline.

The list of displayed flights can be filtered according to specific criteria.

You can easily submit an ATC flight plan and modify it using CHG, DLA, CNL messages.

Allocated Eurocontrol slots are automatically displayed and you can send slot related messages (RFI, SWM, SPA, SRJ,..) directly from the OPS board.

You can also use the OPS board to easily recalculate the flight with changed parameters and the current forecast.

For quick AFTN communication, NAVsystem also includes a gateway for sending any message.


By using the NAVsystem web briefing, you can easily put together your PDF briefing pack, which contains the current OFP, FPL, NOTAM, OPMET messages, maps of upper wind and significant weather.

FIR NOTAMs are selected for the current flight path, which prevents the display of irrelevant information.

To avoid the duplicate listing of information, related flights can be grouped into one PDF.

You can use the briefing to view forecasting levels of wind, temperature, humidity, clouds and visibility.

The web briefing also includes a module for ATC FPL management and mass & balance.


We know from our years of experience working with airlines that every company is unique and has its own specific needs.

Our development team is ready to address these specific needs, whether it is the development of customized modules, reports, imports of data or links to other systems in use.

Integration with other systems considerably speeds up the work and prevents errors in re-entering data, so we are very open to integration with both commercial systems and systems that you have developed for yourselves.


We know that the availability of data in flight planning is key to the operation of every airline. NAV uses SLA to contractually guarantee the availability of software and data.

We make data available and provide services using top server infrastructure, by duplicating data sources and automating the monitoring of services and import of data.

Our data center has 4 separate power sources and 3 diesel generators that provide the continuous supply of electricity.

Connectivity is provided by a fiber-optic network of multiple independent directions and data is regularly backed up in a geographically separate data-center.


Our specialists are there for you 24/7, so you can ask them for support any time.

We offer complete initial training online or on our premises or we will go directly to you to train users.
We also offer refresher training, training on new features and training on selected topics according to your requirements.

Whatever your needs, we are able to provide further training and thus connect theory and practice -> NAVacademy.

Why choose NAVsystem?

WE ARE CONSTANTLY IMPROVING THE NAVSYSTEM, we incorporate aviation regulatory requirements, as well as new trends in IT.

You do not have to worry about timeliness and the relevance of calculations in aviation regulations .

NAVsystem contains

You have your spending under control
and can influence it.

NAVsystem includes

Save time with planning routes.

NAVsystem has a

Save your dispatchers time
and with it your costs.

We contractually

You do not have to worry about the availability of SW.

We provide a

You can try the system without payment.

We provide a

Save time in the transition to another system.

We are

Save time.

We provide H24/7 service.

When in need, you can rely on us at any time.

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Are you interested in trying NAVsystem ?

"We offer you 3 weeks to test our NAVsystem. Free of charge, without any contract. Please fill in this questionnaire and our staff will contact you for more precise details. Then we will send you the login details for the TRIAL version."

Frequently asked questions

How much does NAVsystem cost?

The price consists of a fee for the initial implementation and monthly service.

The cost of implementation depends on the complexity of the entire process – especially the number of inserted aircraft performance models and configuring the appearance of OFP and fuel policy.

The cost of the monthly service includes the provision of software, continuous data updates, user support and new software updates.

We will be happy to prepare a price quote.
Simply fill in the contact form and our sales team will contact you with the details.

What are the hardware and software requirements?

NAVsystem can be used with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 operating systems that have Internet Explorer installed.

An ordinary office computer completely suffices. The minimum hardware requirements of the computer for running the Windows application of NAVsystem is 512 MB RAM, a single-core processor with at least 1GHz and 700 MB of free space on the hard drive.

Can NAVsystem be used on computers with MacOS?

NAVsystem is primarily developed for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

NAVsystem can be used on MacOS computers by running Parallels Desktop.

What happens after I choose your system?

Should you be interested, we will send you:

1. A price quote based on the size of your fleet

and the requirements for implementation – OFP and the performance data of your fleet.

2. We will approve the OFP form and time for implementation

(from when you want to start using NAVsystem).

3. After you approve the price quote, we will prepare a contract

and we will agree on the payment terms.

4. After signing the contract, we will commence the implementation phase.

You will be kept informed about all steps and we will require your assistance, e.g. in checking the performance data of your aircraft.

What´s the data source?

NAVsystem solution includes full delivery of operational data which are obtained from reputable suppliers.

Navigation data is supplied by NAVBLUE. In case of client´s interest, navigation data from JEPPESEN can be supplied as well.

NOTAM data with global coverage are supplied by The Weather Company, IBM Business, it also provides meteo data and data from the primary source WAFS (World Area Forecast System) are supplied by the Czech Hydro meteorological Institute.

Source data of TNC and overflight charges is IATA database. AFTN address and the entry /exit points for the European “FRA” are taken from AIP. Aircraft performance data is provided by the client and compilled to the NAVsystem internally.

Our clients

NAVsystem is used by all types of operators / private and business operators, commercial airlines, cargo airlines and military clientele.

We appreciate any feedback or
recommendations from our clients

With their approval, we publish some of them:

NAVsystem evaluation from DSA

„…In our view, the main benefits are the precise fuel consumption model and route optimization options.

On behalf of DSA, I can recommend all airline and general aviation operators to use the  NAV System..“

Read the entire post

Martin Hejra

Flight operations officer for DSA, Czech Republic

„NAVsystem makes life on the flight deck bearable“

The system is easy to understand, nice to use and it is a veritable tool that helps to a great extent on fuel management. The Flight Planning system makes interfacing with Euro Control on long haul flights easy. The Air Traffic Control flight plan can be filed easily, Weather information can be accessed easily, and the Flight Dispatchers confirm that the graphics makes the tool very easy to understand and use. The pilots attest to the fact that it is a good planning tool and makes life on the flight deck in terms of work load bearable.

Adeyemi Adebayo

Dana Airlines Ltd, Nigeria