Our goal is customer satisfaction

We are flight services supervisor

We provide all services for „general aviation“ flights. Years of experience and the support of our partners have allowed us to meet all your requirements.

NAV Flight Services is the contracted partners of Jetex and FCG. We are your partner for your flights to all international airports in the Czech Republic. (LKPR – Prague, LKTB – Brno, LKKV – Karlovy Vary, LKMT – Ostrava, LKPD – Pardubice and others).

Just contact us and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

SUPERVISING for complete ground handling

Checking in at a foreign airport can create a lot of problems and confusing situations. We are ready to solve any situation to your complete satisfaction.
We offer these services:

  • Fueling Services
  • Potable water and toilet services
  • Catering
  • Deicing
  • GPU
  • Push-back
  • Arrival/Departure procedures:
    • We offer the services of an agent for the following procedures:
    • Crew and Passenger Transfer to terminals, hotels or aircraft as needed
    • Baggage transport
    • Security checks and Customs services

For more information call anytime

(+420) 606 787 519

Jan Hikl

External Supervising Provider

Private & Personal Service

Our years of experience in aviation allows us to manage practically all of your needs.

We offer other services such as

  • Cleaning the interior of the aircraft
  • Dry-cleaning for the crew and passengers
  • Special services for disabled individuals include:
    • Arranging a wheelchair
    • Transfer to and from the airport
    • Assistance with boarding the aircraft
    • Transfer with medical personnel to and from a hospital
  • A provision of exclusive medical care
  • Providing information about traveling with weapons, dangerous items, live animals, etc.
  • Providing information for obtaining visas
  • Arranging necessary maintenance
  • Parking the aircraft in a hangar
  • Security guard for aircraft while parked
  • Providing security and protection for passengers
  • Special transfer services
  • Providing alternate transport in an event of a problem
  • Reserving tickets
  • Providing a driver 24 hours a day, etc.
  • Other corporate services such as organizing sightseeing

We are ready to meet all the requirements for corporate services – individual meetings, cocktails or presentations.

Travel Management

We are able to arrange transfer using luxury cars with English-speaking drivers. Last but not least, we can find you the best accommodations in the Czech Republic according to whatever you need.

Please note that...

All these services must be billed in advance. If you are interested in any of these special services, please contact us and we will arrange the service for you. Special services involving accommodations, touring, corporate services, etc., are managed by our contractual partner, who has many years of experience focused on VIP clients, such as film producers, show business stars and multinational corporations.

These services are priced on an individual basis and depend on the type and actual conditions.

Service Inquiry

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Our clients

We appreciate any feedback or
recommendations from our clients

With their approval, we publish some of them:

NAVsystem evaluation from DSA

„…In our view, the main benefits are the precise fuel consumption model and route optimization options.

On behalf of DSA, I can recommend all airline and general aviation operators to use the  NAV System..“

Read the entire post

Martin Hejra

Flight operations officer for DSA, Czech Republic

ABS Jets about NAVacademy:

“We really like your trainings. We see them as a big plus in that they save us a lot of time. … This way we can calmly focus on our work and be 100% sure that the training given to our new dispatchers will be exactly as we expect it…

… There are situations where new employees can at first feel a little disappointed about being sent away from our company right at the start, but as soon as they learn how the training is done at NAV, then they are happy that they would like it to go on even longer. The entire training at NAV is very positive and promotes the desire for more work…”

Read the entire post

Michal Šalanda

OCC Manager, ABS Jets, Czech Republic

Air Bohemia about NAVacademy:

After an intensive three-week training at NAVacademy, and in combination with my own intensive studies, I was able within a month after starting my career in aviation to work as a dispatcher for Air Bohemia and to handle situations connected to flight planning without any major complications.

Martin Novotný

Flight Dispatcher, Air Bohemia a.s., Czech Republic

„NAVsystem makes life on the flight deck bearable“

The system is easy to understand, nice to use and it is a veritable tool that helps to a great extent on fuel management. The Flight Planning system makes interfacing with Euro Control on long haul flights easy. The Air Traffic Control flight plan can be filed easily, Weather information can be accessed easily, and the Flight Dispatchers confirm that the graphics makes the tool very easy to understand and use. The pilots attest to the fact that it is a good planning tool and makes life on the flight deck in terms of work load bearable.

Adeyemi Adebayo

Dana Airlines Ltd, Nigeria