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About Trainings

We offer good basic and advanced trainings, special trainings and other services, conducted by outstanding and experienced instructors.
An individual approach to clients is a matter of course, the same as the provision of training material in an environment that conforms to „ICAO classroom requirements and configurations“.
Aviation internship is possible.
Thanks to our own planning system NAVsystem, attendees of the INITIAL training can apply their knowledge in practice.

Trainings overview

Our portfolio includes various types of training, including the NAVsystem standard training.

INITIAL Training

Introductory training for FOO/FD Length of training: 8-9 days (62 hours)

The aim of the INITIAL training is to give future FOO/FD the knowledge and skills, necessary to carry out this activity immediately completing the training.  

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Customised INITIAL training for FOO/FD Length of training: according to the needs of the client

The TAILORED training is composed of modules and topics chosen by the client. The schedule of training can be adjusted to match more accurately the dispatcher operating manual (OM-D). For experienced FOO/FD, training includes only selected topics (RECURRENT training).

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NAVsystem Training

Expanded NAVsystem user training for FOO/FD Length of training: according to the needs of the client

The aim of the NAVsystem Training is to provide familiarity with how the NAVsystem works. This course is above the framework of basic NAVsystem training, which is part of concluding the contract. The focus can be on planning, on the basis of client requirements.  

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Our instructors

We are delighted to be collaborating with these experts in the aviation industry and related fields.

Calendar of currently listed trainings

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Our clients

Since the start of the NAVacademy project in 2017, our trainings have been attended by dozens of participants. It is an honor for us to prepare further trainings for you.
We would like to thank our clients and business partners:

We appreciate any feedback or
recommendations from our clients

With their approval, we publish some of them:

ABS Jets about NAVacademy:

“We really like your trainings. We see them as a big plus in that they save us a lot of time. … This way we can calmly focus on our work and be 100% sure that the training given to our new dispatchers will be exactly as we expect it…

… There are situations where new employees can at first feel a little disappointed about being sent away from our company right at the start, but as soon as they learn how the training is done at NAV, then they are happy that they would like it to go on even longer. The entire training at NAV is very positive and promotes the desire for more work…”

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Michal Šalanda

OCC Manager, ABS Jets, Czech Republic

Air Bohemia about NAVacademy:

After an intensive three-week training at NAVacademy, and in combination with my own intensive studies, I was able within a month after starting my career in aviation to work as a dispatcher for Air Bohemia and to handle situations connected to flight planning without any major complications.

Martin Novotný

Flight Dispatcher, Air Bohemia a.s., Czech Republic