INITIAL Training

Introductory training for new FOO/FD candidates

Training specification


8-9 days (62 hours)

Depending on the content of the training, individual schedules and times can be arranged.


on request

Date will be arranged individually based on the needs of the client, but at least 6 weeks prior to the scheduled start.

Target group

Introductory training for FOO/FD




on the premises of NAV Flight Services

or elsewhere as agreed with the client


NAV Flight Services



Training objective

The aim of the INITIAL training is to give future FOO/FD the knowledge and skills, necessary to carry out this activity immediately completing the training.  

Participants of the training obtain

  1. Basic knowledge and skills of a dispatcher
  2. Understanding the basics of how FOO/FD works and its role in aviation traffic
  3. They will know how to understand the flight planning process in a broader context
  4. They will learn the structure of documents and regulations
  5. They will learn how to differentiate priorities and how to work with them

Training schedule

  1. General Information about Aviation
    1. Aviation Law
    2. Aviation Indoctrination
  2. Flight Planning Systems
  3. Aircraft
  4. Airports
    1. Airport and Aircraft categorization
  5. Weight and Balance
  6. Flight Planning
  7. Navigation
  8. Meteorology
    1. Aviation Meteorology and meteorological services
  9. Communication
  10. Performance
  11. ATM

Training Completion

At the end of each topic there will be progress test to verify level of understanding. The final test is based on the case study principle, which takes into account the known specifics of the client (Type of operations, fleet, limits, MMEL, loadsheet, FPL, OFP, Briefing package) and OCC dispatching requirements. Each participant receives Training completion certificate.

Price TBN - depends on the number of participants.

More information

The price includes material, refreshments throughout the training, including lunch.

Instructors and lecturers

Ota Hajzler, Ing.

Smartwings, a.s.

Marek Andrejs, Bc.

Smartwings, a.s.

Martin Chleboun, Ing.

Smartwings, a.s.

Petr Dvořák, RNDr.

aviation meteorologist

Helena Budská, Ing.

Ministry of Transport

Jan Vaňous, Ing.

NAV Flight Services

Contact for registration
and your questions


NAVacademy Manager

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of any questions regarding NAVacademy trainings or interest to participate on training.

Mon-Fri / 9,00 - 17,00 hod. CET/LT
(+420) 608 024 032

Payment information
and cancellation policy rate

Please follow the link Terms and Conditions where you can find complete information about payments and the cancellation policy.

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INITIAL Training


Introductory training for FOO/FD

Length of training: 8-9 days (62 hours)

Place: Prague

Date: on request