„How we like the NAVacademy INITIAL Training?“ – reference from ABS Jets

03. 09. 18

August 2018 „We really like your trainings and there are several reasons for that. From our perspective of superiors and senior dispatchers we see them as a big plus in that they save us a lot of time we would otherwise have to spend with our new colleagues in our training rooms. This way we […]

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Excellent resuts of Annual Winter Training (AWT) 2017!

01. 07. 18

Annual Winter Training 2017

In October of last year, we organized the 1st Annual Winter Training (AWT). Attendees included representatives of aviation companies from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, especially dispatchers. Even though it was the first such training, 76% of the attendees rated it excellent and 19% commendable. The total average evaluation for both training dates was 1.14! […]

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New release of NAVsystem

14. 02. 18

Today we’ve released new version of NAVsystem. New version brings major speed-up of application startup, new features and improvements in user interface. NAVsystem is now more flexible in customization of OFP layout including new possibilities in output of ETOPS calculation. In new version we’ve also added support for flight planning for SET (Single Engine […]

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Windy in briefing application

10. 01. 18

Windy in NAVsystem briefing

We’ve worked together with to bring you the opportunity to display your routes direcly on Windy map. Only one click is necessary to show your planned flight on interactive Windy meteo map. Time and flight level are automatically preselected according to your flight plan.

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