NAVsystem: new facilitation for flight crew

16. 05. 19

NAVsystem now allows to uplink flight plan directly into the FMS. NAVsystem was recently enhanced by addition of interface with datalink service providers – allowing to uplink FPL directly into avionics. Sending FPL into the FMS over ACARS significantly reduce flight crew workload in preflight phase and probability of erroneous entries. This approach is combining […]

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Speed optimization in NAVsystem

03. 04. 19

Speed optimization is one of key areas affecting airline operational efficiency with potential to save operational costs in order of tenths of percent. It translates to very significant amount of money when accumulated over year of operations for example. Surveys are indicating that many airlines are still not getting the full potential out of speed […]

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DSA – Evaluating the use of the NAV Flight Planning System

14. 01. 19

DSA logo

The DSA Corporation has concluded a tender for a flight planning system by choosing the system of NAV Flight Services. Their NAVsystem has brought several changes to our company, including improving work efficiency, air traffic safety and last but not least operational costs. In our view, the main benefits are the precise fuel consumption model […]

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PF 2019

10. 12. 18

Dear clients, business partners and friends, last year was successful not only for our NAVacademy project, we are also proud to introduce NAVsystem update and the integration of Windy map to display your routes better and to establish new cooperations. We would like to wish you all the best in 2019! Your NAV team  

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„How we like the NAVacademy INITIAL Training?“ – reference from ABS Jets

03. 09. 18

August 2018 „We really like your trainings and there are several reasons for that. From our perspective of superiors and senior dispatchers we see them as a big plus in that they save us a lot of time we would otherwise have to spend with our new colleagues in our training rooms. This way we […]

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